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Use latest version google chrome

Minimum Graphic Card 1Gb

Brower must support Open-GL


"Virtual-X is a revolutionary metaverse platform that allows users to engage and socialize inside a virtual universe in an immersive setting. It enables millions of individuals to interact, collaborate, and explore in a single virtual place."

Virtual-X unlocks new ways to interact in the world.

We strive to offer the best services for our customers and the utmost convenience. Our goal is to offer the world’s most secure, efficient, and revolutionary metaverse, and bring a virtual world into existence.

A blend of virtual reality and augmented reality. Virtual-X opens new opportunities for Business, Marketing, Education, socialization, and entertainment.

Our services include not only infrastructure, virtual buildings, immersive commerce, VR, and architecture, education but also 3d business models, SDK support for business models, sports, entertainment.

Education in Metaverse

Education in Metaverse

Metaverse plays an important role in the world’s development, it has numerous applications in all dimensions including Business, Education, Real Estate, Military, Healthcare, and Entertainment.

Is Metaverse a Revolution of World

Is Metaverse a Revolution of World?

Have you ever wondered to magically immerse yourself into a virtual world Imagine if you could visit all your dream destinations? Probably in dreams, right?

Is Metaverse a Revolution of World

Top 10 upcoming projects in Metaverse

Metaverse is now the lead the whole cryptocurrency market trends into a new direction, with the advancement in technology people more and more want to invest in metaverse projects but the question here is this which project will pay off better and which are the best ones. So here’s a list of the top 10 metaverse projects that are going to benefit the world’s Economy.

Is Metaverse a Revolution of World

Investors are paying millions for buying Metaverse virtual lands

Metaverse is a continuous development process but still, many brands are working on their metaverse-based projects because metaverse will soon develop its economy at a bigger level.